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is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and more

is a software that:

  • Understands and supports all of your business, not just your finances .​
  • Knows your products and processes.​
  • Tracks and manages your inputs and outputs and the work your people do.​
  • Enables planning, tracking, co-ordination.​
  • Produces business intelligence - you have enough information to find opportunities for improvement.​
  • Integrates all business functions into one system and one data store. ​
  • Is built on cutting edge current technologies and a Service Oriented Architecture facilitating rapid scale up existing business processes and easy addition of new business processes.​

Why ?

  • Low Cost of Ownership (Pay Nominal Amount on a Monthly Basis)
  • Out of the Box Usage
  • Integrated System (Real Time Visibility of Data from all Business Functions)
  • Any time / Any where access - Web Based System
  • Faster Decision Making for management
  • Allow End to End Automation
  • Consistent Product Support on an Ongoing basis post go-live
  • Secure Platform for each client

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