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With nearly a decade of experience, Infopeak has earned the reputation as one of the industries’ most trusted software firms. Our team offers skilled in both traditional and Internet-based software marketing solutions to help our clients to realize their full potential.

Because our clients are continually evolving organizations, we offer deep expertise across a vast array of desktop solutions, mobile applications and website development disciplines. This allows us to support our clients with full fledge marketing services as they continue to grow and expand. As a full-service software marketing firm, we can provide on-going software strategic marketing and software counsel, as well as hands-on support to help your organization to generate awareness, build credibility, create demand and meet revenue objectives. We influence quantifiable software marketing processes and proven best practices to deliver measurable results.

Marketing your software is all about getting your software out there and recognized as the best product. Good software marketing plays a major role in getting your software onto the computers of consumers or whatever your target market is. Infopeak solution drives sales force performance and profitability by giving you everything you need to sell smarter. By powering your courses of action, our responses help your customers to concentrate on making leads, settling negotiations and developing your client connections.


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