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Risk mitigation is an important aspect of overseas recruitment. Mistakes are twice as costly. Merely relying on the replacement assurance of the hiring consultant is not enough. And we all fall victim to the 15-minute interview trap. So how can you ensure the person you hire is the person you want? We recommend just 3-steps for you!


After securing the engagement agreement with you staffing searches begin with a precise job description. Even if you are fulfilling an existing vacancy you may want to do this again because skills required to perform may have changed – e.g. knowledge of new computer application software.

Besides you will also want to identify the KRA – key result areas of the job even for the most junior position simply because a job that cannot be measured cannot be managed.

We offer to help design the JD & KRAs of a position that you wish to fulfill for reasonable fees. JDs & KRAs are the first required inputs from your side to commence the people search process.

We access employee databases at no extra cost to you. However, if your requirements can only be met by sourcing the candidates via print advertisements then the costs shall be borne by you at actuals.

Vetting applications is a painstaking work – each CV has to be matched against the JD and candidates will need to be analyzed on what they claim to have accomplished.

Often we design the template of the CV that the applicant should respond with, so that it is easier to prioritize the best-fit from the worst.

All potential candidates will need to be contacted individually as the first step of pre-qualification to result in identifying at least 5 prospects.


Optionally, we subject the prospective candidates to Psychometric tests available for additional costs. These on-line tests are available with 2 objectives; first, to assess personality & skills and secondly, to identify Skills and aptitude.

Interestingly, these tests can be administered to your existing staff during annual appraisals too!

You have a choice of either buying the test credits from us so that you can do the capability assessments on your own (recommended if you have a large volume and/or frequent need to do so) or you can ask us to test only the short-listed candidates so that you can choose the best.

Assessment tests help you reduce the risk of making a bad choice as it brings a lot of objectivity to the selection process. The costs of the psychometric tests are very reasonable.

Test reports will be submitted with the short listed CVs when you entrust the testing process to us. Please ask for sample reports.


Tested candidates can be subjected to several other verifications also including,

  • Health Check
  • Police Verifications
  • Previous Employer References
  • Educational Qualifications Verifications
  • Character Reference Checks etc

The cost of rendering the above may range between varies depending on the choice of verifications chosen. Occasionally the verification process will involve local travel to several parts of India and, therefore, additional travel, food & accommodation and local conveyance costs will also be applicable.

Finally, we shall present you with 3 best candidates to choose from and our fees for doing so shall be 12% of the annual gross income of the candidate for senior level employment, 10% for mid management positions and 8.33% for the junior positions, payable when you issue the appointment letters to the candidate.

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