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Bookkeepers Middle East is one of the leading companies providing global and local transportation logistics solutions. Our Land Transport System has been providing steady full loads and facilities within the GCC and Levant countries. Bookkeepers Middle East always maintain supple and tailor made road services to meet the customer needs.

The Land Transport System at Bookkeepers Middle East  is a one stop solution for local and international services.

Our Land Transportation Management System incorporates further exact vehicle related elements such as a driver’s performance, aptness to work, in-vehicle monitoring systems, vehicle gaining and fit-out, fatigue management and driving related policies.

BookkeepersME comes forward with its Land Transport System to permits its customers a contented, easy and problem free movement.

Our company provides land transport facility to the producers, the retailers and other dealers throughout the nation. We have attained a huge appraisal from our customers through our service, proper costing and the best professional ethics.

Furthermore, we see to it that the consignments of our customers must reach to them within the specified time.

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